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You can have the most beautiful car in the world...
but if you don't give it gas, how will it move?


Make your marketing work for you. 
Google advertising and business services,
social media advertising, social media management, 
social media training, analytics, custom one on one consulting.

Google Business Services

We are proud to have multiple individuals who are Google Marketing Certified. This gives us unique tools to be able to serve you! We use our signature “Gatekeeper” Method to make your website a profit center instead of just an expense. If you are in a business where people are looking for your product or services online, Google is where you want to be. The Gatekeeper Method identifies your customers’ profile for better-targeted results.

I-MKTG Unlimited has phenomenal success in getting our customers onto the 1st page of Google and many other Search Engines as well. This is evidenced by the number of our customers actually on the 1st page multiple times. The Gatekeeper Method uses multiple strategies to get you to the top!

Futhermore, we develop effective, strategic Google My Business pages that get you seen by Google and potential clients.

Social Media Services

From running your entire social media program, using social media to advertise for you, or simply teaching you how to best utilize social media for your business through one on one consulting, we have the social media service that fits your needs. All of our social media services include a full analysis of your current social media program, your major competitors’ social media programs, and an extensive strategy session where we get to know what you want your social media to look like, what types of posts you would love to see, and learn more about your target market. We use all these tools to build an effective strategy that gets you seen while driving progress on the goals we set together.

Custom Analytics

At I-MKTG Unlimited, we have spent ample time studying what our clients want most out of their analytics. Is it more important to know who is visiting your site or where they are from? Does it help your business to know what else your traffic is searching for or what device they are using to search? We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Let us work together to create analytics reports that are actually meaningful to your and your business.

Custom Marketing Consulting

AVANT is I-MKTG Unlimited’s exclusive, proven, and hands-on approach to data-driven internet marketing. As an AVANT member, your dedicated consultant works with you to create marketing goals, combine multiple marketing tools, and continuously optimize your internet marketing program. Your business is never the same, why should your marketing remain stagnant? Contact us about AVANT and make 2021 your year!