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Client Testimonials

"Fantastic Design and Service"

We called on I-MKTG for website design, and they did not disappoint. Fantastic design and service.

Mark, Skipkenny BBQ

"Quick updates, Great detail"

We have multiple accounts with for different companies and have never had any issues with them! We have had great reactions from customers because of the efficiency of our websites. Our I-MKTG representative always responds and updates our websites quickly. Their staff helps design and layout the websites with great detail. We look forward to the growth their website marketing brings us and we highly recommend using I-MKTG.

Ashleigh, TKOR Holdings

"Great people, Great ideas, Great implementation."

Ashley Dare and the team from I-MKTG are professional, creative and a lot of fun to work with.  They can be hands on and incredibly helpful, or they can be laid back and provide more of a supportive role.  They work with you, as well as, for you.  Great people, great ideas, great implementation.

Mark, C3 Architecture and Design

"Attention to Detail and Quick Responses"

I-MKTG is who we chose to revamp our chamber website several years ago and we are glad we made the switch.  As a chamber, we believe in the power of “buying local” and like knowing we are supporting a local web company.  Being a chamber of commerce means a constant need for updates from members and benefits to events and offers.  I-MKTG has always delivered in a timely fashion and made suggestions along the way on how we can improve the website’s visitor experience.  We find the price for services to be very fair for the great value that we receive.  Their attention to detail and quick responses have kept our members happy for years.  For a great site from a local company give Brad and Ashley a call.

Dan Riegner, VP, Little Miami Area Chamber of Commerce

"New technology, Great graphic design and Personalized service"

I-MKTG has been my web company since 2012.  What a difference it was working with a company I could count on for my PR and Media Company.  Prior to I-MKTG,  I had to depend on someone else and had to wait for them to get back to me sometimes it was days or even weeks I had no control.  With I-MKTG, they understood what my business needs were from the start. They helped me to increase my business and market it to make it grow.  They completely revamped my site, and made it easy for my customers and sponsors to navigate my site and find what they needed.  They changed my websites to Word Press which, if I wanted, I could do changes easily.  My sponsors loved my new look and wanted to know how they could change their sites.  I recommended I-MKTG and I received phone calls and emails back from my clients, thanking me for the great work I-MKTG did for them, and how efficient and affordable I-MKTG is as a company. Now years later founder and owner Mark Dare has moved on to new ventures and his son Brad and daughter-in-law Ashley have taken over the reins, with new technology, great Graphic Design and personalized service,  it makes it easy for me to recommend them to all my customers. Soon you will see our newest website. Stay tuned!!!

Kathryn, Kathryn Raaker’s World

"Completely Responsible For Our Company's Growth"

We have received tremendous results with I-MKTG.  This is the only advertising we invest in at this time, as we have found we secure 90% of our sales through the internet. We spend anywhere from $2500 – $4500 per month on clicks based on what month of the year it is. We are on the 1st page of Google in 2 places for every keyword that we think is important.

So far the results are pretty astounding. We doubled from $100,000 a year to $200,000 in 9 months, then we doubled to $400,000 a year in 9 months after that, and then we nearly doubled again in 9 months to $750,000 a year. We ended up having to move twice in those 2 years in order to keep up with the growth.

I-MKTG is completely responsible for our company growth. Thanks for all you do.